Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fishy Watermelon

Fishy Watermelon!
My mom is leaving to Mexico in a few days on vacation to visit family. She goes out there at least twice a year. I miss going to my hometown...yes, I was born in Guadalajara...beautiful city. Last time I was out there was when I graduated from high school, over 15 years ago.

I have a cousin with Down Syndrome, Tania, and I always send her a handmade gift. She always looks forward to my mom visiting because she knows she'll be receiving a little something. Since I've been going through this apron craze, I thought I make her an apron. I used some of the same fabric from a previous apron, Go Fish.

Reminds me of a Watermelon, doesn't it?
A layered apron with no pockets and I made green gingham bias to match the waist. As I was sewing the bias to the bottom layer, the combination of the colors made me think of watermelon!

I'm sure Tania is going to love her apron! She'll be able to help my aunt in the kitchen to prepare dinner. Oh how I miss my grandma and the rest of the fam bam out in Mexico. Hopefully my family and I can take a trip soon to visit my relatives.

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