Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fabric Note Cards

Fabric Note Card
I'm guilty of having tons of fabric scraps and knowing that someday I'll end up using them for something...someday...for something!

I came across this book at the library:
Simply Sublime Gifts by Jodi Kahn
So many fun and quick craft ideas. I've made cards for every occasion by using stamps but I thought these Fabric Note Cards would be great to make with the fabric scraps that I've been holding on to.

All you need is:
  • fabric scraps
  • iron (to get rid of the wrinkles if necessary on the fabric)
  • blank fold-over card
  • spray adhesive
A Thank You note card in the works...
Spray the adhesive on one side of the card and smooth on the fabric. Let the glue dry a little, then trim away the extra fabric around the edges of the card.

I love the way the card turned out and the best thing is I found a good use for all the fabric scraps I've been keeping for someday! What a great way to put these to use, right?!

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