Friday, April 8, 2011

Before & After...Gotcha!

Last weekend, my parents had a yard sale. It was a success, but my mom kept saying that I wasn't allowed to buy anything! But why??? She knew I was up to something!

And she was right! So many clothes and such eye-catching fabric, this could only mean one thing...project! I decided to challenge myself by making an apron from any piece of clothing garment. It's a great way to recycle something old to new. I picked up a few shirts my parents were selling and my brother picked out some of his shirts and donated them to me...awww!

And on that note, the challenge begins:
Took the buttons off and stored them in my button stash, of course! I cut the back of the shirt from the sides and then decided to only use the bottom half of the shirt:

Bottom half of the shirt used for the apron.
I cut the sleeves and used them as pockets:

L-Sleeve ready to be a pocket/R-Sleeve turned into a pocket.
Once I stitched both sleeves wrong side out and turned them outside in and pressed, I stitched along the top to close the opening of the sleeve and were ready to be sewn onto the apron. I made my own bias to match the waist and ties. And here's the transformation:

I'm loving the deep pockets...

GOTCHA apron!
Whatever was left of the shirt, I cut into squares to use as cleaning rags. I was very happy with the end result. Sew easy to do!

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