Friday, April 8, 2011

Snoopy License Plate

I'm a huge SNOOPY fan! I mean HUGE! Last year while watching the news, there was a report made about getting a Beagle license plate for the state of California. The website was given,, to sign up for this plate. Oh boy, I was all over that!

This license plate is only available to California, which is a bummer if you're a Snoopy fanatic outside of the state. Their has to be at least 7,500 people to sign up in order for this license plate to go in production. The cost of the plate is $50 and the proceeds go towards the museums in California. Awesome!

I received an email a month ago about how they're almost reaching the 7,500 mark and there has been a delay in achieving the production of the plates due to the states budget crisis. If you know of any Snoopy fans in Cali, send them this link: They will thank you!

I've been collecting Snoopy stuff since I was a pre-teen. I don't buy much PEANUTS now. But this is the newest find and it only cost me $.50!
Ice cream anyone?
 I HEART Snoopy!

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Mrs. Mobunny said...

If I lived in California, I hope my husband would get me a Snoopy plate.