Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's All About The Moms!

Mother's Day is this Sunday and unfortunately I have to work. The duties of being a manicurist. But I'll be pampering other moms by beautifying their toesies and nails!

In our department at the spa there's 4 manicurist (not including myself) that are moms and I thought this year I would surprise them with an apron. I know my co-workers are going to enjoy these very much! Four special aprons to four special moms:

For Linda - Our Wise Troop Leader
For Stephanie - Our "Can Count On" Gal
For Michelle - Our "Motherly" Mom

For Amanda - Our Newest Mom On The Block
I made gift tags using matching fabric on card stock (used spray adhesive), hole punched and tied onto the wrapped aprons:
Ready to be delivered!
I'm excited to see their faces when they open up their Mother's Day gift! Wishing all the mommies a:
Happy Mother's Day!


Apron Crazy said...

BTW, an update on the co-workers loved them & suited them perfectly, yay!

Apron Crazy said...
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