Friday, May 13, 2011

Baby Shower Bibs & Bows

Adult sized bibs & bows.
A friend of mine asked me if there's was any way I could make baby shower bibs and bonnets for adults. I was all over that project! Off I went to find the perfect fabric. Found it! I made my own pattern for the bib and this is what it came out to:

Simple w/a little Bling on the bow.
Now for the bonnets, I literally pulled my hair out trying to make them and so I gave up, yup, GAVE UP! I convinced her in changing the bonnets to bows...GINORMOUS bows! She liked the idea and this was the result:

Used elastic hair band & attached some Bling in the middle of the bow!
Sew after sewing 20 bibs and 20 bows, they'll be heading out to Oklahoma just in time for the Baby Shower. What a great idea to have the guest accessories with these fun goodies!


Gmama Jane said...

How cute are those??!!! What a cute idea!! may have to steal this one! How are you?
Gmama Jane

Apron Crazy said...

Thanks Gmama Jane! Just got informed by my friend that the bibs & bows were well liked! I'm doing good. Hope all is well!