Monday, August 23, 2010

Go Fish

We're going out of town to visit my lovely sister-in-law, Audra and the kids. She lives out in the desert...luckily she has a pool! My kids are looking forward to spending the night and show off their swimming skills since they've been taking swimming lessons this summer. With that said, fishes were my inspiration to making her an apron. She is an outstanding mother and her meals and snacks have to be gluten-free and home-made since her kids are highly allergic to a lot of foods.

So to get things started, I have to have my daily cup of coffee...
Can't function without my dose of Coffee!
I thought this pink fishy pattern would best fit my sister-in-laws personality. It's fresh, fun, colorful and pink!
Go Fish!
And once again, I had to personalize this one for Auntie...
We love you Auntie Audra!
Off to the desert we go...going to have some fun in the sun! Can't wait to jump in the pool...

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