Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mouse In My Pocket

Saturday morning breakfast at our household is a big deal. That's a day that we're all home in morning and get to eat breakfast together. I work Sunday mornings, so usually I'm out the door with coffee, of course! Since I was thinking on making some egg and bacon quesadillas for breakfast, I sewed together the perfect apron a few days ago to go with my morning cooking...a mouse themed apron! 
My kids called me Smurfette since I was wearing all blue!
No polka dots this time but the yarn balls on the print do look like polka dots. It's a cute mouse pattern and I love the royal blue skirt on it. I love blue...can you tell?

Breakfast was served...
Egg and Bacon Quesadillas...oops, forgot to add some salsa on the side!
So far one of my favorite aprons I've sewn. Off to my busy day I go...

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