Friday, August 20, 2010

Girly Paisley

A very good friend of mine that I've known since elementary is getting married in a couple of weeks and her bridal shower is this Saturday. I thought of the perfect gift to give her since she "wowed" her guests (that's including myself) at her house-warming party with a German chocolate cake that she baked! It was good...but I scraped the coconut off the cake since I don't like coconut but the cake itself was good. Not sure if she noticed that I did that. So back to the perfect gift, I decided to make her an apron that matched her wedding invitations:
Girly Paisley apron inspired by the wedding invitation.
As you can see, I used a fuchsia polka dot print to match the wording on the invite and the black and white paisley skirt pattern to match the invite image. And as a final touch, I personalized it for the bride-to-be:
Personalized it with her new soon-to-be last name.
I printed out the image on an iron-on sheet. I was surprised on how easy this was to do. I know my friend will make very good use of this apron and I hope she invites us over again to have some cake...hopefully carrot cake!

Best wishes to the future married couple, Eddie & Esti!

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