Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Butterfly Blues

I heard through the grape vine that grandma has been wanting an apron. My daughter helped me this time pick out the pattern for grandma's apron. In her words "grandma is going to just love this beautiful apron with butterflies"! So off I went on cutting, pressing, pinning, and sewing... 
This is what happens when I get distracted!
If you must know how this happened, daughter got me hooked on watching the show iCarly! So as I was watching an episode of iCarly, I was pinning the apron pieces together without really watching at what I was doing, OBVIOUSLY...I get distracted really easily and stabbing myself with a pin is the result! No blood stains got on the apron, thank goodness!

This time I used big polka dots and a beautiful two toned butterfly pattern:
Beautiful Blue Butterflies!
And of course, it was personalized with Grandma's name...
Grandma Connie is going to love it!
Now she'll be cooking in style with her personalized butterfly apron! Hope you love it Grandma Connie!

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