Thursday, August 19, 2010


Being that we're in a heat wave in Southern California, I figured why not make an apron that is refreshing...and so I came up with this apron that I call Mint-N-Chip:
Seasoning burger patties!
I love the colors I used in this apron: chocolate brown and bright green flower pattern. It just reminded me of mint-n-chip ice cream. Hamburgers was on the dinner menu today...burgers on the grill, Doritos, nice cold drinks and enjoyed our dinner in the backyard under the shade!
Yummy burgers w/cheese & turkey bacon, pickle, Doritos & a strawberry Margarita!
And for dessert? Mint-N-Chip ice cream of course...
Mint-N-Chip ice cream waiting to be eaten...
Dinner was good and dessert was delicious! As you see more of my aprons, you'll notice that I only sew one pocket and most of the aprons I sew have polka dots...I love polka dots! Why one pocket? I really don't know!

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