Monday, November 15, 2010

Laker Princess

Lakers, Lakers, Lakers...yes, basketball season has started! Home Runs are over and Slam Dunks are beginning.

Since I've been sewing everyone an apron, my daughter has been patiently wanting one. So I decided to make her a Laker themed apron since she is a Laker Fan...Kobe & Sasha are her favorite players.

Didn't have much trouble sewing this tiny apron this time around. It turned out great...
Lakers apron!
She loves her apron...
Laker Princess!
I'm sure this wont be the last apron I make her. She wants a pink one for when she bakes cookies in her Easy Bake. Maybe I'll surprise her for her birthday, which is in December...sssshhhh!

Let's Go Lakers! 

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