Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Poinsettias, Garlands, & Mistletoes, Oh My!

Oh boy, where do I start...I loved, loved, loved doing this apron for my fellow apron swap partner. As you can see, I had trouble waiting patiently to avoid posting this early. I truly wanted this to be a surprise but I just couldn't resist, Sorry!!!! I didn't want to let go of this apron...but I knew it was going to be enjoyed elsewhere.

Here's what I had to work with for the "full-apron"...yes, a "full-apron", which is what my swap partnered preferred and check out my new ginormous coffee cup:
And a Gorgeous morning it was...awww, delightful!
So I did my usual...cut, pressed, pinned and sewed...oh, but this time around I used bias (something I've never tempted to use) on the skirt and the upper part of the apron, but this is where I was stomped:
Wasn't sure what to do next!
Using bias on the skirt was easy, but when it came down to adding it on a rectangular piece, that's where I was lost...I went ahead and tucked one end and overlapped the top end to it:
Turned out great, if you ask me?!
One the other side, I sewn a long strip of bias to use as the halter, used an eyelet to have the bias come through and added a spring stopper to adjusted the halter length. I attached a bow as the final touch!
Ready for it's new owner!
Off to it's new owner it goes just in time for the holidays! A few tuck-ins were added:

An oven mitt and some Candy Cane Green Tea bags tied with a Gingerbread House ornament!
Enjoy your apron Margaret! It was fun sewing this apron and I didn't stress over it like I thought I was...sewing a full apron was new to me, but it was exciting! Great Holiday Apron Swap hosted by Sherrie over at Domestic Day.

I've proudly submitted this to The Apronista:
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Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I could learn alot from you as I have yet to master a full apron! Lovely!

Shawnee H said...

So cute -- be sure to add the Apronista badge on your post! =)