Wednesday, November 24, 2010

National Tie One On Day 2010

This month has been one busy month...I like busy! I'm in two Holiday Apron Swaps this month and if that's not enough, I've decided to participate in the National Tie One On Day for Thanksgiving. Here's how it works:

On the day before Thanksgiving, which this month it's the 24th, you give 3 different people (neighbor, relative, friend, or someone you don't know) a loaf of bread wrapped in an apron with a prayer or note tucked in the pocket. It's a kind gesture and it will make someones day. Is this great or what?

And here is where these 3 wonderful aprons went to...I really put thought into who I was going to give the aprons to...

Apron 1:
Marlene is a single mother, a wonderful person whom I just started to get to know through a mutual friend...oh and we're both COFFEE lovers! Yes, she is fairly a new friend and thought she would be perfect to give a Thanksgiving Apron too! This leads me to the next apron, which she's actually linked to the second person...

Apron 2:
Marlene is always talking about her babysitter, Mama Carla. She's a loving lady that has raised kids of her own and has babysat so many kids in her lifetime. Mama Carla is always there for Marlene day or night. And even though I haven't met Mama Carla yet, I can truly say she is an amazing lady going by what Marlene shares with me. A Thanksgiving Apron to a giving lady! Now on to the last, but not least...

Apron 3:
My neighbor's son just recently got married and they're living with her. I've known her son since we were little. I've meet his wife and is somewhat shy but very nice. I thought she would be perfect to receive this apron and to enjoy preparing their first Thanksgiving dinner as a married couple.

I wrapped these wonderful aprons individually onto a yummy loaf of bread...
Apple Cinnamon Loaf...YUM!
All the loafs are wrapped up and ready to be delivered...

What a wonderful feeling it was sewing these aprons, prepping them, and choosing whom they would be going to. I explained to my kids the meaning behind these 3 aprons and they helped me deliver them to 3 special people just in time for Thanksgiving! And here's the little note I tucked into the pockets:

"Without Thy sunshine and Thy rain
We could not have the golden grain;
Without Thy love we'd not be fed;
We thank Thee for our daily bread."

Happy Thanksgiving!