Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What About Me?

I received a complaint from a family member when she found out I had made aprons to other fellow family members. Grandma Olga is my kids Great-Grandmother who is loved by her 7 kids, 20+ grandkids, and 30+ great-grandkids. When she found out about Connie's apron, she said: What about me? I found the perfect pattern for her very own apron...
I know she'll be wearing this all the time. There's always food on the stove ready to be served whenever you visit Grandma Olga's house. She doesn't take NO for an answer and you better eat everything she serves you...or else!!!
The "What About Me?" Apron!
And of course, I had to personalize the pocket for her.

We Love You Grandma Olga!
Love you Grandma Olga!