Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Black & White

It's the new year! I let my sewing machine rest for a few weeks and I enjoyed the break...very much needed. So I'm back in sewing mode once again and it feels great! This apron is going to my best friend, Karla, out in Oklahoma. She knows she's receiving an apron because I had to ask her about her color dislikes...pink & purple are big NO NO's with her! So to play it safe, I went with the basic Black and White.

I used the same pattern from my BOO! apron. I wanted the apron to have more volume to it so I sewn some white tulle to the inside of the apron. It worked out perfect!
I love the butterfly fabric!
Found it in white too!
I made the apron reversible and was lucky to find the same print in contrasting colors. I did use a different fabric for the waist and ties. Here's a closer look of all three fabrics...
Black, white, and some grey too!
She was bugging me non-stop, asking if I was finished with her apron...yes, she's very impatient! My mistake for letting her know that I was sewing an apron for her. I sent her a picture text of the fabric but doesn't know what the apron looks like, so at least that will still be a surprise!

Oooo, by the way, received a new coffee cup for Christmas:
I Love Lucy!
I Love Lucy is one of my favorite sitcoms and love the aprons she wore. Especially the white chiffon apron she wore on the Fan Magazine Interview episode.

Hope everyone is having a great start to the New Year! Any New Years Resolutions? Mine is to finish last years New Years Resolution. I'm still working on it!

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