Friday, December 31, 2010

End Of The Year Apron '10

The year has come to an end...and to complete my last apron for the year, I decided to make this one extra special. I was inspired by reading the last clothing transformation from New Dress A Day by Marissa. For 365 days with $365 dollars to spend in a year, she bought $1 garments every day and transformed them into a completely new outfit. Amazing! I've been reading her blog for the past 9 months and when I read her last clothing transformation, I thought I do the same but with an apron...

Here's what I did...Marissa cut Hearts from all the clothing remnants she had from all of her outfit creations. I looked through all the scraps I had from previous aprons I had sewn and cut circles. I figured circles would work best since I love polka-dots. There was a few that I didn't have. I guess I must have thrown out any small left-overs...better cut out circles before throwing out scraps for future reference! 

I was amazed on how many circles I cut out. I didn't realize how many aprons I sewn or the variety of fabric I used within a short period of time.
50 cut-out circles.
Here's my creation:
2010 End of the Year Apron!
I had to cut corners on this apron by using my handy-dandy hot glue gun to hot glue the circles instead of sewing them. I figured I could do that since I really wouldn't be wearing this apron other than today...guess it's more of a Showcase Apron!
2010 is cut-out from felt & hot glued onto the apron.

What an awesome way to show off the fabrics I used to make my own aprons, gifts, and apron swaps! I believe I have started my first "End Of The Year Apron" collection...I'm sure by the end of 2011, my apron is going to be overflowing with circles.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

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