Monday, December 13, 2010

Sweet Serendipity Cakes

Awhile back, a friend of mine took some baking classes and found out she loved baking. One word to describe her cakes...AMAZING! She started up a Facebook Fan Page called Sweet Serendipity Cakes. Check out her colorful cakes and cupcakes.

Okay, so since she makes such amazing cakes, well...I asked her if she could make an iCarly birthday cake for my daughter. She accepted and was honored that I chose her to make the cake. The cake turned out AMAZING!

I thought I surprise Alma by making her a Sweet Serendipity Cake apron! Believe it or not...I decided to make a "full apron" since I already tried it and loved how easy it was to sew. This is the fabric I used for the apron: 
Cute baking fabric print.
But before I got rolling on this parents and I went to breakfast Saturday morning at The Busy Apron (Coincidence? I think not!) and had my cup of Joe with a tummy-filler breakfast:
Same waitress took our order from when I was 7 yrs. parents frequent this restaurant a lot!
I got to working on the apron and here it is...TA DA!! 

Sweet Serendipity Cakes
Perfect fabric for her baking needs. One thing I decided not to do was personalize the pocket. Only because the fabric had alot of "baking" going on.

Oh, here's the amazing iCarly birthday cake:
Cute! Didn't want to cut it, but we had to!
My daughter loved it! The cake was a huge hit!!!

Alma is definitely a superwoman...she does it all! She's amazing, just like her cakes! Thanks Alma for such a beautiful and delicious birthday cake for my daughter!

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