Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Tea

Oh my...December is an overwhelming month in our household...birthdays, holiday parties, Christmas shopping, etc. I have several projects (aprons, of course!) that I'm working on AND I just found out that my kids Principal will no longer be at there school AND her last day is this Friday!!!! The time has come for her to move on but she will be working within the school district. My kids are so sad that she's leaving.

Well, I decided to make her a "last minute" apron. I used some of the holiday fabric I had and just made a simple Holiday Apron...
Holiday Apron
And I added a variety of Peet's Tea for her to enjoy! Funny how I bag Tea instead of Coffee...hmmm, just realized it!

By the way, while sewing the "last minute" apron...this is what happened:
Another broken needle!!!
This is the second time within 1 year that this has happened! Unbelievable!!! Luckily, I had an extra needle so I was able to finish the apron.

I really hope Ms. Angotti loves her apron and enjoys the tea. We will miss her! But I'm sure I'll bump into her at the School District when I go to the PTA Meetings! Truly a lovely and heart-warming lady!