Thursday, January 20, 2011

King Kong

My son asked me why I haven't made him an apron like his Sissy! Well, I didn't know what to I promised him that I would look for a Cool fabric to make him a special apron! My 5 year old son has many, many, many interests...he's 5!

Awhile back, the fighting scene of King Kong vs. T-Rex from the movie King Kong was on t.v. Well, my son thought that was the most AWESOME 8-minutes he has ever seen! So now, he's obsessed with King Kong. His favorite dinosaur is T-Rex so he was fascinated with the fighting scene...believe me, that's the ONLY scene he was allowed to watch, I really monitor what he's allowed to watch on T.V. and movies.

I was opting for a Dinosaur fabric or even a Super Hero fabric but when I was browsing through the fabrics at the happiest place on earth...and I don't mean Disneyland...I found this:
King Kong vs. T-Rex!
How cool is that?! I couldn't believe that I actually came across this find! He's just going to love it! No doubt about it.

This was my first time making a kids full-apron. Fairly easy. Here's the final piece:
One pocket sewn at the bottom.
Did my son love his apron??? Of course! He couldn't believe that I made him a King Kong apron!
A perfect fit!
He asked if he could sleep with it on...I said it wouldn't be a good idea, but that he could help me clean up all his toys wearing his awesome apron! His response: Ummm, it wouldn't be a good idea, mom! My apron might get dirty!

Gotta love kids unpredictable comments!

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