Monday, December 23, 2013

Confetti Eggs

Colorful confetti eggs.
I had bought confetti eggs for my kids before. And boy did they have fun cracking them on each other's head. I decided to make my own for them and collected 3 1/2 dozen eggs. Phew! Took a few months to get that amount.

It's so easy to do. Here's how and things you'll need:

  • Empty eggs shells (rinsed and dry)
  • Food coloring
  • Confetti
  • Tissue paper (cut into small squares, enough to cover the egg shell opening.)
  • Glue

1) Make a hole on top of egg, careful not to crack the entire egg. I used a corn on the cob pick to make the whole. Then carefully start making the whole slightly bigger. Once the egg is emptied, rinse the eggshell and let dry.
Egg shells rinsed.

2) Use food coloring to dye the eggs (optional).
Let them dry in the carton.
3) Cut pieces of tissue paper.
This will be used to cover the tops of the eggs.
Confetti of any sort to fill the eggs.
I collected the whole-punched leftovers from my kids school. It helped a lot! Recycle!
4) Once eggs are dry, fill them with confetti and glue tissue paper on the top of the eggs.  It's sort of like decoupaging.
Brush on glue. Decoupaging concept.
Set them back in the carton to dry. And you're done!
A colorful dozen confetti eggs!
Such an egg-cellent idea gift for kids! They will have fun cracking these!

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