Thursday, December 19, 2013

Before & After...Abstract Dress

I cleaned out my closet over the weekend. Some spring cleaning in the winter. Why not, right?! Had piles for keeping, donation, and maybe keeping. So the maybe keeping pile turned into a project pile.

I decided to recycle some of the clothing pieces I had in the maybe keeping pile. The rest I placed in the donation pile. I wore this dress about 3 years ago...yes, 3 years ago.

Abstract Dress
Wore it once and haven't worn it since. I know I won't wear it again as a dress BUT I would wear it more than once as a top. I decided to give this dress a new look. And off I went...
Cut about 5" from the bottom.
Then I pressed and pinned...

Seam is about 1". Pressed, pinned, and ready to sew.
Seam was sewn. Next, I cut off the belt loops that were on the sides of the dress...
Belt loops were cut off.
And now the once known abstract dress is revived as a casual top...
Lynda looks lovely in this chic top!
I'll be pairing this up with some jeans and black boots. An old piece of clothing turned into a new piece of wardrobe. Sweetness!

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Kaara A said...

wow! crazy how different it looks as a top! I love it! you're so creative!