Thursday, May 30, 2013

Before & After...Angels T-Shirt

It's baseball season once again! Haven't been able to make it to an Angels ball game yet, but it's being planned...soon! So I had bought this Angels t-shirt at a thrift shop (love thrift shops). Obviously big for me but couldn't pass up not getting it. For $ have it!
I decided to go with a no sew approach. Here are the steps to create your very own no sew fitted t-shirt:
This is the t-shirt that I'll be adjusting to fit me.
Cut the bottom of the t-shirt (optional). I didn't cut to much since I wanted most of the length.
I cut about 2 inches.
Turn shirt inside out. Cut along the side stitching on both sides all along the sleeves up to the shoulders.
It's easier for me to cut along the stitching by turning it inside out.
Now, cut 2 inch slits (less or more depending on how fitted you want the t-shirt) on both sides. And about 1 inch apart all along the sides. Make sure to measure this before you cut along the sides.
2 inch slits, 1 inch apart.
Using the tie blanket concept, start tying the sides by double knotting each slit. Now keep in mind, the t-shirt is still inside out. So by tying the shirt this way, it'll give the tee a different look once it's turned the right side. So before you start tying, decide how you want the tee to look...either with knots only (which is the look I'm going for) or with the ties showing like a tie blanket (which in that case, turn the shirt inside out again & start tying).
Liking the scrunchy look.
At this point, cut from above the first knot (arm pit level) to the top. As shown on the picture above (the left sleeve). Cut the tie ends, making sure the knots are tight before cutting. Do not stretch out the tee if you want the scrunchy look.
So digging this t-shirt!
Turn the shirt inside out again...and badda bing...your very own no sew fitted t-shirt:
I used scraps to tie the shoulder part. I like the sleeveless look.
Side view.
Now I'm so ready to sport my new Angels t-shirt! Go Angels!!!


Alwayzbakin said...

That is adorable! What a great idea. said...

How dern cute is this?! Love it:)