Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Queen of Hearts

Awesomeness! Pure awesomeness! That's all I kept thinking and saying once I finished this amazing apron...ahhh! Satisfaction, for sure!

A friend of mine is planning her daughter's 1st Birthday with an Alice In Wonderland theme. She opted for a Queen of Hearts apron instead of the actual costume since it would be easier to wear.

Off I went to recreate the apron she wanted. She sent me a picture of an apron she found online. So I can't take credit.

This is the original apron.
I was so impressed on how this beauty turned out. I also made a red petticoat to add fullness to the apron.
Lynda wearing the copy cat version.
Thanks Alma for putting me to the challenge on sewing this apron. I had fun sewing this one! Yay!


Alwayzbakin said...

That is precious!!! Great job!

~Xo said...

Aww! Thanks!