Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stuffed Bell Peppers

For dinner I decided to make some Stuffed Bell Peppers, which I have never ever done before. All I can say was...YUM...YUM...YUM!

I used ground turkey with taco seasoning and added cubed squash.
Ready to stuff the bell peppers!
I seasoned the outside of the yellow and red bell peppers with olive oil, salt and pepper. Then I stuffed them with the turkey mix and topped them with shredded cheese. Baked them in the over at 350 degree's for 10 minutes (until the cheese started to brown).
Once they were done, I added more cheese (I love cheese!) and topped them with a scoop of sour cream. Oh my, they were delicious!

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I haven't made these in years! Thanks for sharing ~ inspirated again:)