Monday, February 6, 2012

Blue Cheese Slider Burgers & Skillet Queso Dip

This past Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday...which meant yummy food! We made Blue Cheese Slider Burgers and some Skillet Queso Dip! Yeah, very good stuff!

Blue Cheese crumbles on top of the burger & had to add some chili queso dip too!
Queso Dip: chili mix, ground turkey, & a block of sharp cheddar cheese (lots of cheese!).
BBQ was awesome! The kids played in our backyard with Chief, our boxer. We all had a great time watching the football game and of course the commercials. Here's my favorite:

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Note to self: don't read Apron Crazy's blog at dinner time! I'm starvin' and haven't made anything yet!

This looks really yummy:)