Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lost Cocktail!

Citrus pocket with glued on salt beads!
I participated in the Cool Drinks for Hot Mamas! apron swap...the apron package I put together for my ASP made it safe and sound to its destination, but unfortunately, the apron package I was suppose to receive lost it's way to my place.

So while waiting to see if the package would just magically appear in my mailbox, my ASP went ahead and put together another apron package to send out to me once again! I did receive it this time but I waited awhile before opening the package...just hoping the original lost package would make it and that way I wouldn't have to open the one I did receive...
Patiently waiting to be opened...
So finally yesterday I opened it and boy was there tons of goodies...
Cheerful Cocktail Package
 I love the apron! So colorful...
Colorful Cocktail Apron!
Thanks so much Valerie for all the goodies and sorry for having you go through the trouble of recreating another package. Hope it doesn't happen again.

And for the lost package...well, I just hope that where ever this mysterious bundle of goodies went, that it's very well much appreciated!

(Summer Apron Swap hosted by Hot Mama Apron Swap)

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