Monday, April 8, 2013

Welcome Lynda!

Meet Lynda, my new sewing dress form.

Now that I'm back into sewing mode...I'm pacing myself again on sewing aprons. Joy! I've been wanting to buy a sewing dress form and FINALLY found one and got a great deal too! Thanks to Craigslist!!! 

So I have named her Lynda. After the friendly lady that sold me the mannequin. Seeing what the actual apron looks like on someone else is going to be a lot easier. Not that I mind modeling my aprons but for picture purposes, Lynda is going to come in handy! Enjoy the aprons Lynda!!!

2 comments: said...

Welcome back to Blogville ~ we've missed you! Lynda's lovely, but let's talk about that apron you made! Gorgeous!

~Xo said...

It's great to be back! Thanks!