Monday, October 17, 2011

Flower Wand

Flower Power!
My daughter has chosen to be a Bumble Bee for Halloween this year. Costume prices are OUTRAGEOUS! So piecing together a costume comes way more practical...with that said, I've put together a tutorial for a simple flower wand.

Flower Wand:
Cut 10 felt petals & 2 round felt centers.
Hot glue 2 petals together so you end up with 5 flower petals. This makes the petals sturdy:
5 flower petals to form a flower.
Next, hot glue 3 petals on one black center and hot glue the wand:

Paint the 18" stick black & hot glue it to the middle of the flower.
Continue gluing the remainder of the petals and hot glue 4 strands of ribbon on the center. Then, hot glue the second black round felt on top. Add a few beads to the ends of the ribbon and glue a gem in the center of the flower. Such a Buzzing wand...

Flower Wand!
It was fun and quick to make. This completes my daughter's costume and now we're set for Halloween! Yay! 


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alwayzmakincake said...

LOVE your flower wand. That is a great idea. Halloween costumes can be SO expensive!