Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Baba the Storyteller

Baba the Storyteller
Segerstrom Center for the Arts provided the most amazing opportunity to have Baba the Storyteller be present in each 5th grade class at my kids school. Baba uses creative ways of storytelling. He's traveled around the world and currently invited back to Columbia to be part of the Festival. How cool is that?!

He's taught the kids how to listen, use presentation voices, have confidence, and most importantly to be themselves. I had the pleasure to be present in my daughters class during Baba time. I was intrigued by the first day. I learned so much by the tools he taught the kids to use. I applied them myself to my daily doings. All I can say is... AMAZING!

I was asked by Baba to be part of the last Baba the Storyteller gathering. I shared a fable called The Crow and the Pitcher in front of the kids and parents. Was I nervous? Of course. But I overcame it. The proudest moment for me was seeing my daughter smiling at me from the crowd!
Baba played background music during my fable. So cool!
And everyone that retold a fable received a shell. A priceless gift! And mine hangs proudly in my car. It'll go everywhere I go and a reminder of all the possibilities that are out there!
Very proud on the impact Baba has had on me. He's truly an inspiration to the kids and myself. Check out his website Baba the Storyteller and read up Baba and watch videos on his work. Here's one:

Thank you Sergerstrom Center for the Arts for given the kids the most amazing opportunity to have Baba the Storyteller come to their school. And a huge THANK YOU for Baba for giving the kids the most priceless gift of all: CONFIDENCE.

Thank You Baba!!!

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