Monday, July 15, 2013

False Sea Onion Update

Happy Couple!!!

So a few months ago, I blogged about a False Sea Onion. Of which I own two that surprisingly are still alive. Noticing that their stems were getting taller, I thought the roots might be needing some growing room.

I went to my buddy, the re potting plant expert who happens to be the one that gave me the sea onions. He helped me give Yogurt and Alberta new upgraded recycled homes. We used juice bottles for planters. 

We started off with Yogurt:
Yogurt in his new planter next to his old one.
Next was Alberta. When I took her out of the yogurt cup, I was amazed on seeing her roots coiled. Here's a close up:

Isn't she a beauty???
Now, Yogurt and Alberta have room to grow. I'm impressed with myself...why? Because I've been actually watering them. So far, so good! 

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