Tuesday, April 16, 2013

San Francisco 49ers T-Shirt Mat

Ahh, such a great feeling blogging once again! I've missed it tremendously. Still getting back into the groove of things. So with that being said, I started a project a few months back and FINALLY finished it. Many hours, days, nights, weekends, and so and so forth...but it was so worth it!

Since last summer I wanted to make a t-shirt rug. I went out and bought a canvas. And that was the end of the beginning of my project. That's as far as it went. Up until a few months back. Decided to surprise a friend of mine by making him a special sports mat. Being that he's a 49ers fan, that's the route I went.

Found the logo, tweaked it on the computer using a grid, used old tees I had and bought a few from goodwill. And the project began...slowly but surely. Here's the amazing product:
San Francisco 49ers
Total of 6 t-shirts, many hours of cutting and hook-latching, and one blister on my thumb caused by a burn from the hot glue gun! Oh, and 2 sewing needles broken. Hence why I had to use the hot glue gun...to glue the binding.
The back side looks just as cool!
I was impressed with the end result. Way cool! I surprised my friend with it and he liked it! Yay!!!

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