Sunday, April 7, 2013

False Sea Onion Plant

So what is a False Sea Onion Plant? Well, it's a plant that looks like an onion but it really isn't an onion...huh??? Yeah, that was my reaction to this mysterious plant. A special friend of mine owns this unique plant and couldn't figure out what kind it was. After inspecting it and questioning why it looks like an onion but it doesn't smell like one, that made me want to google the plant. And here's a brief explanation of what I found on this mysterious plant:

It's original name is Ornithogalum Caudatum. Also called False Sea Onion or Pregnant Onion. Why Pregnant Onion, you may ask? Here's why: it makes babies on the side under the skin of the bulb (onion like skin peel) and they sprout from the outer skin when they're large enough.

This plant is native to South Africa. It grows above ground reaching 4 inches in diameter and the leaves reach 36 inches in length. It blooms small white flowers from May through August. It blooms anywhere from 50-100 flowers per stalk. And it's said to be an easy plant to grow. I hope so because I don't usually have good luck when it comes to plants.

Back to my friends plant...well he took one to plant at home and is growing and growing. He gave me a baby bulb from his plant. And now I have my very own false sea onion bulb to plant and see it uniqueness:
This is Yogurt, my false sea onion. Back in November '12.

This is Yogurt now. He's growing and sprouting.
And I have a new addition to my False Sea Onion family:

This is Alberta.
Now I'll be anxiously waiting to see the outcome. How exciting!!!

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